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筑波大学ADが主催するホームゲームイベント「TSUKUBA LIVE!」に参加しよう!


バスケットボール & 水球



そしてなんと… 入場無料!!


Everyone, let's participate in “TSUKUBA LIVE!” organized by University of Tsukuba Athletic Department!!

The two competing sports are…


The venue will be held at University of Tsukuba Central Gymnasium and outdoor pool. The performance with real light and sound effect will make the show LIT!! Get HYPE!! Get EXCITED!!

And guess what, all tickets are FREE!!

This summer, you MUST go TSUKUBA LIVE!


Due to COVID-19 protocols, ticket will be limited to University of Tsukuba Students and faculty member. Please refrain from buying tickets if you are not University of Tsukuba Students or faculty members.

◆ チケット | Tickets



All tickets are FREE!

Entry period: Tuesday, July 5, 2022 6:00PM - Thursday, August 1, 2022 00:00AM

・バスケットボール | Basketball

【スタンド席 A〜D】会場全体を広く見渡せる席です。

【フロア席 E〜F】コートサイドの臨場感たっぷりの席です。


Seating types

[Stand Seats A-D]: Seats can view the entire gym clearly.

[Courtside Seats E-F]: Feel the energy of the game by sitting on the court!

[Bench Seats]: Sit next to the players and get excited!

・水球 | Water Polo

【スタンド席】会場全体を広く見渡せる席です。 【フロア席A,B】:コートサイドの臨場感たっぷりの席です。

Seating types [Stand Seats]: Seats can view the entire gym clearly. [Courtside Seats A,B]: Feel the energy of the game by sitting on the court

◆ 開催概要 | Event Outline


Event period: Sunday, 7th August, 2022

公式サイト Official Homepage

◆ 感染症対策に関する注記 | Covid-19 Protocols

「TSUKUBA LIVE!」は感染症拡大防止に十分留意し実施いたします。


“TSUKUBA LIVE!" will be held with following the COVID-19 Caution Guideline.

Before purchasing tickets, please read the "Prevention and Control of the Spread of New Coronavirus Infections".

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